Relay Module

این ماژول شامل چهار رله در خروجی خود بوده که از پردازنده دستور قطع و وصل را دریافت کنتاکتها را دریافت می کند.

The module includes four independent relays which can be used when a microprocessor wants to command or supply a power consumer load. In actuality the mechanical insulation of the micro-controllers digital output not only is needed to supply loads but also the insulation increases the system reliability

Module specifications

Input: Digital Input – Supplied by 5VDC

Contact Form: 1A/1C

Contact Ratings: NC:20A14VDC NC:12A/14VDC 1C:7A 120VAC

Max Switching Voltage: 16VDC

Max Switching Current: 25A