All tests must be performed according to IEC 60034

Routine tests

The routine test program is performed on every generator and

is included in the price of the generator.

– visual inspection

– air gap measurement (during final assembly)

– sleeve bearing clearance check (larger generators

during final assembly)

– insulation resistance measurement before rotating

– winding resistance measurement

– terminal markings and direction of rotation

– checking of temperature detectors and space heaters

– bearing run

– no load-point

– short circuit point

– testing of the automatic voltage regulator

– overspeed test

– vibration measurement

– auxiliary check

– dielectric tests after rotating

– insulation resistance measurement after rotating

Type tests and additional tests

Type tests are performed in addition to the routine tests.

They are normally performed on one machine in a series of

generators not previously manufactured, or at the request of

the customer. Some tests may incur an additional cost.

– no-load curve

– short circuit curve

– heat run test (temperature rise test)

– losses and efficiency

– transient and subtransient reactance measurement

– voltage wave form analysis