About ESMG

m-afshar.ir/ جولای 29, 2018/ ESMG

The company activities: 

– Special circuits and devices for specific applications are necessary to create. In this condition, our engineers devote all of their time and energy to design, construct, and control of these kinds of devices.

– The industrial control, automation, and monitoring are three important parts of industrial utilization; the company control team addresses the control and network problems in the industries.

– Power system study, analysis, capacitor and DG placement like solar and wind power plants, and protection system are the most important concepts of the power networks which must be considered by engineers. The company engineers try to study exactly to design perfectly.

– Buildings and Streets lighting are one of the controversial issues amongst engineers and architects. Hence, ESMG employs experts in both areas to design perfectly.

The company CEO: Mr. Mohammad Fakhrzad

The company chairman: Mr. Hamid Davazdah-Emami

The Company sales manager: Mr. Faraj-Allah Dolatkhahi

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