دستگاه اندازه گیری مقاومت ترانسفرمر های قدرت

A sophisticated tool called a transformer DC resistance meter was created to meet the demands of professionals who need measurements of transformer resistance that are extremely accurate, reliable, and effective. This meter is the best option for testing and measuring transformers because it has cutting-edge features like the capacity to automatically demagnetize transformers after testing, the capacity to measure two windings simultaneously using two analog inputs, and a controllable current source of up to 15A.

Any transformer DC resistance meter must have the automatic demagnetization feature. This function makes sure that the transformer is correctly demagnetized after testing, which is essential for taking precise measurements in the future. Without requiring manual intervention, the automated process ensures that the transformer is prepared for the upcoming test and saves time.

When testing multi-winding transformers, the two analog input capability makes it possible to measure two windings simultaneously. By enabling the simultaneous measurement of both windings, this capability reduces measurement time and increases accuracy.

Another noteworthy aspect of our transformer DC resistance meter is its controllable current source, which can deliver up to 15A. Wide-ranging measurements are possible thanks to this feature, which also guarantees that the instrument can handle even the most demanding testing requirements.

Transformer DC resistance meters are an excellent option for use in industrial and commercial settings because they are extremely reliable and long-lasting. It has a tough design and top-notch building materials that are made to withstand the rigors of daily use.

For testing and measuring transformers, our transformer DC resistance meter is a superb tool. Its sophisticated features, such as automatic demagnetization, dual analog inputs for measuring two windings at once, and a controllable current source of up to 15A, make it the ideal tool for experts who demand the highest level of measurement accuracy and dependability.

Additionally, the transformer DC resistance meter has an outdoor-friendly, tough, and durable enclosure. The enclosure is made to shield the meter from airborne contaminants like dust and moisture as well as other environmental factors, enabling it to withstand inclement weather.

High-quality materials that are resistant to impact, temperature changes, and other environmental factors that could have an impact on the performance of the meter are used to construct the rugged enclosure. It is therefore the best option for experts who need to perform transformer testing and measurement outdoors.

Our transformer DC resistance meter is the ideal tool for experts who demand the highest level of accuracy, dependability, and durability in their transformer testing and measurement thanks to its cutting-edge features and tough design.


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